• The Last Man on Earth

Writer/Director April Phillips takes one for the team!

DoP Matt Sharp shows Actress/Nurse Tania Dreaver where he wants the shot in arm of director April Phillips

Phillips didn’t want to use a fake hypodermic needle. She wanted the opening, extreme close-up shot to be “real”. Her actress playing the “pregnant lady” receiving the vaccination (Rachel Millar) volunteered to take the real shot, but the actress was actually pregnant and Phillips didn’t want to take any risks there. Our Make-Up designer Sarah Elford also volunteered. But Phillips’s philosophy was one of “don’t ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself”. So needle-phobe Phillips rolled up her sleeve and took the injection of saline solution from our actress playing the nurse (Tania Dreaver, a nurse in real life).

Director of Photography Matt Sharp has an even bigger phobia about needles and the extreme close up shot almost sent him “reeling”.

But…. The “shot” looks great!

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